Saturday, January 7, 2012

Librarians do the unexpected!

So I provided Nelson over at Financial Uproar with some, uh, research for his recurring Saturday posts, and now I'm his new favorite person. He's fickle, though, so I don't expect that to last long. Go check out my contribution of Serena Williams, a babe loosely related to finance (What? She's loaded! Although I'd've used this picture to get a bigger reaction.), and enjoy the snarkiness of a fun personal finance blogger. Just don't listen to him when he writes about why you shouldn't go to university. You could end up driving a potato chip truck for a living.


  1. Very cool. I will definitely check out the post.

    Hey you should turn researching into a side hustle. I am sure many bloggers would pay for that.

  2. Yes! Research skills are a great asset to have, and I'm sure mine will develop a lot in library school. They'll help out with a side hustle or a main gig, in time -- I've thought about marketing to serious bloggers! Right now, though -- or at least once the semester starts -- they're pretty much dedicated to my own research for school. I don't think I can make a commitment to researching for others while still working and studying full-time; I'd want to spend more time on it to feel comfortable offering that as a service.


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