Thursday, January 26, 2012

Be weird.

I have to confess that I've never really followed the Moses of personal finance. You know, that dude that everyone blogs about. The one they credit with their financial turnaround.

Dave Ramsey.

I mean, I understand the concept of "baby steps" and the "$1000 emergency fund", and at least half a dozen other principles I've seen referenced in my daily reading material. I've just never picked up one of Ramsey's books.

But I ran across a new reference today at Grand Per Month, in a post by Melissa of Mom's Plans and Fiscal Phoenix. Mr. Ramsey has said (and it's been repeated in bumper-sticker and window-decal format, if you feel the need), "Debt is normal. Be weird."

Well, heck. I LOVE being weird. And I've never been much good at being normal, it's got to be said. All the way back to toddlerhood, if you ask my parents. (Please don't ask my parents.) And I recognized myself and my anti-credit-based-economy soapbox in that slogan.

Debt is normal. Be weird.

Not having a credit card (as I didn't until 2010) is weird. Not having credit card DEBT (which I didn't, and don't) is weird. Not owning a car (never have; probably won't in the near future) is weird. Not having a big expensive wedding (which we won't) is weird. Not spending lots of money on coffee, gas, and TV is REALLY weird. And that doesn't even touch thrift-store shopping, coupon-clipping, or my other favored forms of minimizing materialism. All weird.

Guess what? I'M WEIRD.

But I'm not buried under debt.

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