Monday, July 15, 2013

Freezer Inventory: July

I took a rather belated freezer inventory tonight -- considering we've already been eating from the freezer for more than a week! It's a good feeling to be able to supply a couple weeks' worth of meals from the pantry and freezer.

Mostly what I have are raw ingredients. The prepared food like casseroles are slim pickings just now, and most of the frozen vegetables have been eaten (there's a sale this week, though, so I'll be picking up a couple packages tomorrow).

Here's a basic of list of what we have hanging around at the moment:

Meats & other main dishes
fish sticks (3-4 servings)
country pork ribs (a mess)
tilapia filets (2 packages of two)
meat sauce (5 bags)
t-bone steaks (2)
chicken breasts (4 single packages + 2 double)
hamburger patties (1 package of 6)
hot dogs (1 package of 8)
chili (2-3 servings)
ground beef (6 servings plain + 1 bag w/ green chile)
salmon cakes (2 servings)
beef ribs (1 serving)
game hen (1)
meatloaf (1 - 4 servings)
pulled pork (small amount)
tater tot casserole (2 servings)

Vegetarian / Grains
white beans/black-eyed peas (4 bags)
split pea soup (1 serving)
bean soup (1 serving)
multigrain blend with veggies

green beans
broccoli (little bit)
oven fries (little bit)

plum compote (2 big packages, 1 little)
pear juice
mango cubes

lime-ginger ice cubes
stock scraps & giblets
leftover curries
shrimp/soy-flavored garlic cloves
Easter bunny bits

ice cream (half-gallon + pint + bars)

In the pantry, we have potatoes, onions, pasta, rice, dried and canned beans, and canned diced tomatoes. Plus some baking basics: flour, sugar, oatmeal, cocoa, etc. This, and whatever's in the next produce box, will all inform the menu for the next two weeks or more.

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