Monday, December 17, 2012

Fall Semester Grades

Partway through the term, in the midst of wedding whirl and behind on assignments, I reframed my goals for the semester. While it would be nice to continue my run of As, I was okay with passing (B or better) grades. Good enough is good enough for now, because I am continually learning, and I am pretty darn busy, and my success is not wrapped up in a GPA or a string of letters. I did turn in extra credit assignments, and I caught up with some nearly-due work in time, so I am satisfied with the outcome. (Even if it was a surprise!)

LIBR 282 Project Management: A
This course was straight-forward and taught from the textbook. Wysocki refers to project management as "organized common sense", which sounds great to me. Our final group project reflected on how to apply formal project management to a case study on an online information literacy tutorial.

LIBR 287 Web and Social Media Analytics: A
I didn't get perfect scores on every assignment, but once my extra credit was factored in, it came out to 100%! I learned more about how to target social media to particular demographics, and about tools used to interpret the metrics. I also made a sample social media plan for Green Branch Library  -- lots of it is common sense, but it helps when the data backs that up.

LIBR 287 Web Search: A-
Managed a 95.7% here. This course was fairly difficult because of the constant engagement: to receive full discussion participation points (which I did), we not only had to contribute a substantial post at least once a week, but also read EVERY post made by our classmates (30+ students from a combined Regular/Special Session section; hundreds of posts). We went beyond Google to many other online search engines and specialized databases, and I performed exercises as disparate as comparing luxury mattress brands and researching the history of the National Do Not Call Registry. I think these skills and tools will be helpful at the reference desk.

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