Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goals check-in: October

Read 100 books in 2012.
Rocketed through; working on #106. I have been reading several YA series, so you'd think they'd go quickly, but they're pretty thick!

Exercise for 
90 minutes per week.

Nope. Just a lump in front of the computer.

Get rid of (sell, donate, recycle) 80 items from the house by the end of the year.
Many wedding items need to go; we also took a few things to a friend's clothing swap (but ended up taking home more!).

70 posts for this blog in 2012.

Only 5 new posts this month, for a running total of 158. With the wedding over, there might be a tad more time... if I find something interesting to write about!

Volunteer 60 hours in 2012.
Nuh-uh. :/

Save or donate 50 percent of my take-home income.
In October, I saved 184.9% (with a side gig and gifts) and donated 8.5% of my net income. (I'm counting the cash I applied to the accounts, not any interest earned.)
Here's how it broke down:
Emergency Savings: 22.1% 
House Fund: 105.7% We'd stopped saving on a monthly basis back in August, but a generous wedding gift put us almost at our goal!
Grad School: 25.4% Had a couple Amazon sales to snowflake.
Roth IRA: 6.3% 
401(k): taken from paycheck; 5% of gross income; not counted in this total
HSA and medical FSA: taken from paycheck; not counted in this total. (FSA saving is complete for the year -- now I have to spend it!)
Investments: 25.4% The 2014 Big Vacation fund is well underway.
Church Pledge: 8.5%
Other Donations: 0% Need to make an effort here. Will roll over into November and December, where there are lots of opportunities to give.

Distribute 40 business cards by the end of the year.
No opportunities, really... I handed over a social card (not my MLIS one) to someone I met while helping at our mutual friends' wedding.

Spend 30 days without a phone or computer in 2012.
Surprisingly, although I took 2 weeks off work for the wedding and honeymoon, I was online all of that time. So many photos to post and last-minute details to arrange! Still at 4 days with no phone OR computer, and 4 more days with no phone.

Be able to do 20 pushups at once by the end of the year.
Completely abandoned. Bah!

Write 10 recommendations on LinkedIn in 2012.
No more to add this month. Doesn't look like I'll make this goal by the end of the year.


Get married. Achievement unlocked.
It all pulled together, and we had a lovely wedding. Here, have a photo.handfasting blessing © 2012 Knot Shots Photography

Take downtime.

Cook in bulk for the freezer. PASS.
Looking good! We have not yet gotten a chest freezer, so the top freezer on our fridge is nearly full with the work we've already done: burritos (pork and veggie), soups, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, stuffed shells, muffins. We'll probably have to do a mid-month refill.

Sort through wedding stuff. Not done.
How did I think I'd have time to do this at the end of the month? 

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