Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Week Begins!

I am still young enough (some would say "immature enough", and to them I say :PPppppPPP!) to make a big production out of celebrating my birthday. Generally, I assign about a week to fully appreciate the celebration -- depending on where in the week my actual birthday falls, so I can arrange my calendar. This year it's on Saturday.

Tonight I kick off Birthday Week with a special dinner out at BayWolf (a first for me). Doesn't the menu look scrumptious? I may try a food I've never eaten before! I also received a Netflix gift subscription, which is absolutely perfect. (I had canceled/suspended my subscription, planning to add the funds to savings for a while.)

I also know that on Saturday my sweetie is planning lunch at an Indian restaurant with some friends of ours. And next Saturday (that's stretching it a bit, but it worked with our schedules), a friend who will be celebrating a different birthday this Saturday will join us for a trip to the batting cages! This is something I have not done in ages, and I'm looking forward to it... but I don't think I'll be very good. I need more of those experiences in my life.

On Sunday we are hosting coffee hour at church. I've also requested that the apartment be clean by the end of Birthday Week. (It's gotten into a state during this part of the semester.) Apart from that, I don't know what other surprises will be sprung!

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  1. Love Birthday Weeks. Hope you have a good one... and your apartment turns sparkling!


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