Friday, December 9, 2011

Round 1, complete!

Woo-hoo! I'm officially done with work for my first semester in the MLIS program.

There were definitely some late stressful nights in there -- working full-time while taking 10 course units lends itself to midnight madness -- but I've turned in my last assignments for the term and I look forward to receiving my grades.

Here's the grading scale for SLIS courses at SJSU:
97-100 A
94-96 A-
91-93 B+
88-90 B
85-87 B-
82-84 C+
79-81 C
76-78 C-
73-75 D+
70-72 D
67-69 D-
Below 67 F

The core classes I took this semester -- LIBR 200, 202, and 204 -- have to be completed with a grade of B or higher. As we've been reminded eighty-bajillion times, that's a B, NOT a B-. So 88% and up to scrape through. The grading scale (stricter than my undergraduate experience, where 90-93 was an A-, 94-97 was an A, and 98 and up was an A+ in many classes) has been making me nervous all term. There's much less margin for error if I want to pass (to say nothing of being eligible for scholarships) -- for example, I missed one question on the midterm in 202, and it knocked my exam grade down from a 96.6% to an 80%!

I'm fairly certain I've got two As and two A-s for the semester, based on assignments graded up to this point, but there's a little bit of leeway. And so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

And! I am unplugging -- at least, while I'm at home. The browser tabs that have remained on my screen for three months are closed. (I'll check in for grades in a week or so, and keep an eye on my email.) I'm REALLY going to enjoy not pulling out the laptop first thing when I get home from work. Yes, I'm still working 40 hours a week -- but I can leave that at the office. Bliss!

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