Saturday, June 29, 2013

Too Hot to be Cooking...

...but I seem to be doing so anyway. Most of it after the sun goes down, but the kitchen gets pretty overheated anyway.

This week we've made:

  • spaghetti sauce with beef and squash and carrots
  • salmon patties
  • meatloaf for the freezer
  • BBQ chicken in the slow cooker
  • taco meat for the freezer
  • chicken-rice casserole
  • tater tot casserole (with added veggies)
The freezer is full! In addition to the leftover servings of casserole and the stuff made expressly for the freezer, there was a good sale on chicken breast, and the beef ribs take up a fair amount of room. Hopefully we'll have to endure less cooking time in the coming month. 

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