Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strides in Snowflaking

As I've sent some extra snowflakes to the Adoption fund recently, it's grown quickly! Today I got an email from CapitalOne360 (formerly ING Direct) to congratulate me on my savings progress:

We're getting there...

Snowflakes this past month were from Amazon sales, from rolling over a small final balance when I closed the Grad School fund, and from budgeting based on minimum income (for example, using the numbers from working full-time during a pay period with 10 workdays, then multiplying by two) and sending anything extra (if the pay period in question had 12 workdays, then that's 2 "extra" days' worth of pay) to savings.

Although there are slow weeks and months, it can really add up! See examples of others' progress this week at Mom's Plans.


  1. Congrats! When are you planning to adopt?

    1. We're planning a timeline that starts next year. Doing research, saving up, and finding connections now; applying somewhere in Q12013. Definitely by my birthday in April. (With the way my clock is ticking, January 2nd! :))

  2. Congrats! I have nominating you for The Liebster Award!


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