Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh where, oh where has my little cat gone?

Oh where, oh where can she be?

My little tortie cat disappeared yesterday. I heard a noise in the other room that sounded like she'd knocked something over, so I went to investigate. But I only found one cat, not two. I looked around the apartment a little, but I figured she was hiding (maybe because she got scared by whatever she knocked over -- I didn't find it) and would come out later.

But then she didn't. I turned the place upside-down and inside-out, looking under all the furniture, in the closets, even in the kitchen cupboards. But all that I found was an open window in the bathroom. And we live on the second floor.

Now, if you're a cat person (and if you're a librarian, I know there's a better-than-average chance), you should understand that I love my two cat babies. SO MUCH. They've been with me through a lot (over 10 years and 6 years, respectively) and have comforted me and amused me and frustrated me and just generally been awesome furry parts of my life (even if they do make me sneeze). I love them both, and I am worried about whether the little one is okay. Her buddy knows I'm upset -- he is being extra-lovey with me and occasionally crying from the kitchen to get my attention.

I have posted a notice in the common area of the apartment building; I've notified the building manager; I've circled the block more than once and chatted with the neighbor lady who feeds strays; I posted to Craigslist; I called all the local vets/pet hospitals (even though most of them are closed for the weekend) and left my contact information and a description; I then EMAILED the offices I could find addresses for; and I visited the Animal Control facility in person to file a lost cat report. A volunteer there showed me three rooms of stray cats, but I didn't have to look at pictures of any that had been found dead. I hope I don't have to. I hope she's alive and safe and that she comes home soon.


  1. Is your little cat now safe at home?

  2. She is! She was gone for about 5 weeks, and lost quite a bit of weight, but she is now home, clean, and healthy.


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