Saturday, August 13, 2011

Revving up...

The semester officially starts at the end of August, but my first course is one on using the tools and systems available to distance learners, so it opens up before other classes begin. As part of the course (LIBR 203: Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools), I get to update my blog! (Hi, howyabeen?)

Right now I'm awash in information, and I'm hoping I haven't jumped into the deep end by registering for a full course load in my first semester. I'm taking LIBR 200, 202, and 204 (and 203, but that's a one-unit introductory course, and it only takes a couple of weeks) as well as working full-time. I'm really glad I quit my second choir! And that the church committee (that was supposed to have finished its work by now, but has been extended indefinitely) so rarely meets nowadays.

And how did I forget about textbooks? I guess while I was thinking "online curriculum", I was planning for online text resources and databases, not hard copy. Oops. Starting a new Amazon list for those and looking for used copies. I ought to check out one of the secondhand textbook exchanges online, too. Any suggestions?

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