Friday, February 26, 2010


-verb, Yiddish
to open (a book)

I'm opening a new chapter in my life: that of an embryonic librarian.

I've always loved books, and the words and stories found in them. I expect I'll be sharing my words here: my experiences with the grad school process, my recollections of childhood favorites, my opinions of books recently read. My annoyance at grammatical offenders. My passion for organizing and accessing information. My love of puns and other wordplay, and my excitement over new words, or old ones phrased in just the right way. Reminders to myself, and sometimes to anyone who's reading, about just how awesome the written word is.

Oh, and my moniker here is a childhood nickname bestowed on me by my loving father, who never seemed to worry -- many, MANY worried inquiries from others aside -- about whether I'd run into a pole. "Peripheral vision," he said. I keep that in mind.

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