MLIS Program

I earned my MLIS from San Jose State University's fully online program, 2011-13. (It usually takes 2-3 years to complete the 43 units; you can also take one or two courses per term and spread your studies out over several more years.) I am happy to discuss my experience with prospective or current students, or really anyone who's interested. Here I've listed the courses I took, and linked to end-of-term posts with my grades.

Fall 2011:
LIBR 200 Information and Society
LIBR 202 Information Retrieval 
LIBR 203 Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools
LIBR 204 Information Organizations and Management

LIBR 248 Beginning Cataloging and Classification
LIBR 268 History of Youth Literature
LIBR 275 Library Services for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Communities
LIBR 282 Marketing Your Skills in a Networked World

LIBR 271A Picturebooks for Older Readers
LIBR 294 Internship - Green Branch

Fall 2012
LIBR 282 Project Management
LIBR 287 Web and Social Media Analytics: Assessing their effectiveness
LIBR 287 Web Search

LIBR 285 Research Methods (Youth Programs)
LIBR 289 e-Portfolio
LIBR 294 Internship - Chicago Public Library

My most urgent piece of advice: if at all possible, take the e-portfolio (LIBR 289) as your ONLY course in the final semester. It is an intensive writing project spanning your LIS studies and professional experience and blending that with personal and professional philosophy, and it is only 12 weeks long. Combining that with a hefty research course and an internship (while working full-time) almost broke me. Please don't make that mistake.